Character design & Illustration

I create personalized character illustrations to meet your specific needs, covering character design, concept art, and storytelling illustrations. I also provide assets suitable for video games, videos, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Character painting

The cost for a fully hand-painted character illustration is $85. Please note that the price may vary depending on the complexity of the artwork.

Character design sheet

Character sheet (Front, side, back): Front will be fully painted for $120. Prices may vary depending on the complexity.

Character + background

Character painting with an environmental background will be an additional $50. Prices may vary depending on the complexity.

Digital sculpting & 3D model

I offer personalized 3D digital sculpting tailored to your specific requirements, ideal for 3D printing and creating assets for games and art. Additionally, I provide a comprehensive package that includes both design and 3D digital sculpting services.

Digital sculpture

The starting price for a character sculpture is $120, and the final price may vary depending on the complexity.

Content Creation & Motion graphic

I also specialize in creating custom animations, illustrations, and motion graphics tailored to your needs. This includes explainer videos, 3D animations, and marketing materials.

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